Price List - Hang Gliders, Options, Sails & Accessories

Please Note: Prices may change before website is updated, as parts prices often change.

Hang Gliders Available for Immediate Delivery
$4,775  Freedom 190 Hang Glider New in-stock glider with blue L.E. & yellow under-surface
$5,100  Freedom 170 Hang Glider New in-stock glider with PX Ply L.E. & black under-surface
$4,645  Pulse 11M Hang Glider New in-stock glider with blue & yellow under-surface
$3,852  Pulse 9M Hang Glider Demo glider with red and orange under-surface

Hang GlidersOrder CodePrice
Freedom 150 - Hang GliderFREE150$4675.00
Freedom 150, with Full Race options - Hang GliderFREE150FR$5550.00
Freedom 170 - Hang GliderFREE170$4675.00
Freedom 170, with Full Race options - Hang GliderFREE170FR$5550.00
Freedom 190 - Hang GliderFREE190$4775.00
Freedom 190, with Full Race options - Hang GliderFREE190FR$5690.00
Freedom 220 - Hang GliderFREE220$4890.00
Freedom 220 - Hang Glider - AeroTow C.B.FREE220T$4995.00
Freedom X - 144, 161, 177 (7075 Aluminum airframe, carbon-fiber struts)FREEX14.5A$6090.00
Freedom X 144 - Hang GliderFREEX13$7390.00
Freedom X 161 - Hang GliderFREEX14.5$7390.00
Freedom X 177 - Hang GliderFREEX16$7390.00
Freedom X 179 - Hang Glider (all Aluminum)FREEX16A$5900.00
Horizon ET 138 - Hang GliderHET138$4590.00
Horizon ET 160 - Hang GliderHET160$4850.00
Horizon ET 180 - Hang GliderHET180$4850.00
Liberty 148 - Hang GliderLIB148$5790.00
Liberty 158 - Hang GliderLIB158$5890.00
Pulse 10M - Hang GliderPULSE10$4890.00
Pulse 11M - Hang GliderPULSE11$4890.00
Pulse 9M - Hang GliderPULSE9$4690.00
Skysurfer 185 - Hang Glider (short-pack)SS185$4590.00
Skysurfer 210 - Hang GliderSS210$3990.00
Tandem 2 - Hang GliderHGT2$4800.00
Tandem 2 - Hang Glider w/ Tow HWHGT2TK$4900.00

(* denotes item comes standard equipment with Full Race Freedom)
Hang Glider - Airframe OptionsOrder CodePrice
* Fast Foil Control Bar Frame upgrade - with Aerofoil Base TubeUPG47F$515.00
* Streamline Crossbar Fairings for Freedom hang gliderCBFFC$164.00
Comfort Bar Base Tube ('speed-bar' style, round shape)UPG47$50.00
Fairings, Cross Bar - Color / FreedomZCBFFC$164.00
Keel Stinger, Tail Wheel / AerotowingUPG72$255.00
Plastic Wheels - 5” - HallLHAPW$49.00
Quick Safe Wheels - for basetubes with no VGHGQS7$57.00
Quick Safe Wheels - for basetubes with VGHGQS7VG$84.50
Race Frame - Slip Stream Control BarUPGSSCB$645.00
Uprights, Upgrade to Safe Edge - hang glidersUPG46$50.00
VG "Variable Sail Geometry", for GliderUPGVG$150.00

(* denotes item comes standard equipment with Full Race Freedom)
Hang Glider - Sail OptionsOrder CodePrice
* Carbon-Reinforced Sail Ribs for Freedom hang glider (10 ribs)UPGCRR$156.00
* PX10T Mylar Full Race SailUPGMB15$190.00
* PX15 Mylar Leading Edge - upgradeUPGTRI$90.00
Colored Forward Panel - Main Sail BodyZCWS12$75.00
Colored Sail Rib PocketsCWS17$110.00
Custom Leading Edge - TrilamZCWS11$50.00
Custom Sail - Chevron USZCWS10$90.00
Custom Sail ColorsZCWS13$82.00
Custom Sail, Two color B1/B2 panelZCWS16$125.00
Custom Sail, Two Color UnderSurface - FreedomZCWS14$110.00
Leading Edge, Black PX carbon tech - upgradeUPGTRI/CT$105.00
Leading Edge, PX15 GREY - upgradeUPGPXG$135.00
Main Sail Body, ALL Color - HG OnlyZCWS15$130.00
MT180 Trailing Edge - upgradeUPGTE180$140.00
PX10 ALL MB (not LE) - HG upgradeUPGMB10$190.00
PX10T Trailing Edge - upgradeUPGTE10T$80.00
Trailing edge panel - with ColorZCWS12T$75.00

Hang Glider AccessoriesOrder CodePrice
Bag, Cover - Glider - specify wingHAB11$210.00
Bag, Cover for All-Weather transport - specify wingHAB11AW$265.00
Bag, Cover for X-C flights - light weight - specify wingHAB12$190.00
Bag, padded Wing BagUPG59$160.00
Hang Strap Spreader BarHSB22$9.60
Hang Strap, King Post - FreedomHAH10$36.00
Hang Strap, King Post (custom)HAH11$40.00

Hang Glider SailsOrder CodePrice
Sail, Double Vision - without insertsSLS1DV$1800.00
Sail, EZY - specify sizeSLS1E$1600.00
Sail, Freedom - 220 TandemSLS1FT$2090.00
Sail, Freedom - specify sizeSLS1F$1890.00
Sail, Freedom, Full Race - specify sizeSLS1FFR$2100.00
Sail, Horizon - specify sizeSLS1H$2190.00
Sail, Liberty- specify sizeSLS1L$2490.00
Sail, Pulse - specify sizeSLS2$1790.00
Sail, T2 - without insertsSLS1T2$1900.00

Hang Glider Control FrameOrder CodePrice
Basetube, 50" EZ 170, Horizon 138SPD01$64.00
Basetube, 55" (Horizon, Freedom, EZ 190)SPD03$64.00
Basetube, 59" (K3-5, Klassic)SDP05$64.0
Basetube, 63" sleeved - inside & outside T2SPD06TW$88.00
Basetube, 63" sleeved (T2, Freedom 220)SPD06$68.00
Basetube, Comfort Bar, 50" (EZ 170, Horizon 138)SPD11$85.00
Basetube, Comfort Bar, 55" (Horizon, Freedom, EZ 190)SPD12$85.00
Basetube, Comfort Bar, 59" (Stratus, K-series)SPD13$85.00
Basetube, Comfort Bar, 63" (T2, Mk 4 19)SPD15$100.00
UPR, 1 1/2 - T2 round and sleevedSPT2$80.00
UPR, 58" reduced apex Round (9M)SPF09$62.00
UPR, 60.5" Round (9M, EZ 170)SPF12A$62.00
UPR, 62.5" SafeEdge reduced apex (M/Y/S)SPF14$72.00
UPR, 65" round (Pulse, Form, Mk4)SPF17$62.00
UPR, 65" SafeEdge (Pulse, Form, Mk4)SPF18$76.00
UPR, 65.5" round - Stratus, EZ 190SPF19N$62.00
UPR, 70.75" - 1.25" Commercial - T2, Freedom 220SPF21C$74.00
UPR, 70.75" round T2SPF21$70.00
UPR, Dream 145-205SPF02$62.00
UPR, Dream 220SPF03$72.00
UPR, Fast Foil 65" (WW Litestream)SPM5$109.00
UPR, Fast Foil 68" (WW Litestream)SPM5A$109.00
UPR, SafeEdge (with reduced apex)SPF11$72.00
UPR, SafeEdge 59.25" - Horizon 138SPF16S$76.00
UPR, SafeEdge 64.25" - Horizon 160, Freedom 150-170SPF16$76.00
UPR, SafeEdge 64.25" - Stratus XPSPF24$72.00
UPR, SafeEdge 68.25" - Horizon 180, Freedom 190SPF16L$76.00
UPR, Slip Stream 65" WW40G-1459$122.0

North Wing ApparelOrder CodePrice
Cap, Sportsman - with North Wing logoTS25$15.00
Cap, Sportsman with North Wing logo and LightXY04-01$20.00
Face Mask - ON SALEXY08-04$15.60
Helmet, full face - includes Carry Bag (H01W - White, H01BK - Black, H01BL - Blue, H01R - Red) - ON SALEH01W$156.00
Jacket, 3-seasons - insulated with North Wing logoTS19$129.00
Shirt, denim with North Wing pocket logoTS22$38.00
Shirt, T - with North Wing logo on pocketTS21$20.00
T-Shirt, North WingT-SHIRT$20.00

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