North Wing Freedom 2 Hang GliderNorth Wing Freedom 2 Hang GliderNorth Wing Freedom 2 Hang GliderNorth Wing Freedom 2 Hang Glider
Freedom  150 · 170 · 190    starting at    $5100.00
Freedom 150  with Full Race options    $5550.00
Freedom 170  with Full Race options    $6200.00
Freedom 190  with Full Race options    $5690.00
The new Freedom 2 makes a great glider even better!
The new Freedom 2 refines the design of the glider that has thrilled pilots around the world!
Now with 5% more Under surface area.  New center-loaded Cross bar - Ball & socket Cross bar center - Large 12mm performance ribs.  View more Freedom 2 photos in the Photo Gallery

North Wing Dealer in Japan, Masahiro Kitano, recently had some great flights in the Freedom 2!

"As an importer, I have test flown the new Freedom 2 before delivering it to my client.  During the whole flight, the Freedom 2 responded to my input very precisely.  Of particular note was the speed tests from stall to top speed.  The Freedom 2 showed very gentle stall behavior.  Then, acceleration to the top speed was very smooth.  Thanks to its easy handling even at low speed, landing was very easy.  The Freedom already had those good characteristics, but the Freedom 2 has been further improved.  I recommend this hang glider to everyone who wants pure fun of flying without any stress."

Mr. Iwamura, a Freedom pilot from Mt. Itajiki, comments on his new Freedom 2:
"I have been a Freedom pilot and recently got a new Freedom 2.  In thermals, it climbs faster than my previous glider.  I also have a kingpostless glider, but I fly the Freedom 2 more often.  It is easy, fun, and free from stress!"

View more Freedom photos in the Photo Gallery   Click here to view a soaring video.   Click here to view a landing video.

Click here to view a video of North Wing hang glider Ultimate Load Tests while mounted on the North Wing Test Truck
Click Here to view a video of Hang Gliding industry veteran and competition pilot Kenny Brown reviewing the Freedom
Read the excellent article about the Freedom hang glider in the December 2011 Hang Gliding & Paragliding Magazine
North Wing Design · Freedom Hang Glider

The FREEDOM is a curved tip, high aspect ratio Hang Glider, performance driven with 40% double surface.  Designed for all pilots in mind, but especially the seasoned advanced pilot that wants a second wing on the vehicle that sets up quick, very easy to fly, comfortable in active air, feels like you can land almost anywhere - and performs substantially better than modern training hill gliders.  A simple, lightweight glider that really performs!  The FREEDOM is a is a modern performance design "single surface" glider.  Full length mylar-reinforced leading edge, nose cone, and a king post hang system provides light bar pressure for X-C flying.  4 sizes are now available!

The sail design of the FREEDOM comes from many years of improving sail cut and shaping techniques, utilized by our sail designs to control twist to get impressive performance without locking up the sail and subsequent handling problems.  Our standard sail is made with high quality 4.1 oz medium finish Dacron sailcloth.  We also have a full race sail option, using Mylar (PX10T) in the main body.

We use only the best aircraft tubing available.
The FREEDOM uses 7075-T6 tubing for the mainframe and ribs, making our gliders very strong and lightweight.  7075 tubing is imported from Europe, and our 6061-T6 is a seamless drawn domestic tube manufactured to industrial standards or to North Wing's custom specifications that exceed these standards.

The highly-refined sail shaping on the Freedom's elliptical tips ensures an efficient airfoil shape far into the curved tip!

Freedom 150 · 170 · 190  Standard Features:
- Click links to view enlargements -

Elliptical Tips
Flip-Levers for upper Sail Ribs
Speed Vents at wing tips
Streamline Kingpost
Streamline Safe-Edge Uprights
• Kingpost Hang System
• Low-profile Keel Pocket
• Fine-tune Cross-Bar Adjustor
Freedom 150 · 170 · 190  Options:
- Click links to view enlargements -

Fast Foil Control Frame
Aerofoil Base Tube ('speed-bar' style, streamline shape)
Comfort Bar Base Tube ('speed-bar' style, round shape)
PX10T Mylar Full Race Sail
PX15 Mylar Leading Edge
Streamline Crossbar Fairings
Carbon-reinforced Sail Ribs   (Standard on Freedom 220)

Click here for enlargement - Wing Tip Speed Vents promote consistent airfoil shape at higher speeds
Speed Vents promote consistent airfoil shape at higher speeds
Standard Equipment on the Freedom and Liberty hang gliders

The rectangular, mesh-fabric speed vents near the tips of the glider helps prevent the under-surface of the sail from inflating out at the tip of the glider.  Minimizing the under-surface from breathing, and promoting a consistent profile ensures an improvement of un-interrupted airflow around the wing, resulting in better performance when you fly at higher speeds.

Optional Carbon-reinforced Sail Ribs (10 Ribs) stabilize the rib camber profile under heavy loads   $156

Ten of the aluminum upper sail ribs are lined with carbon-fiber reinforcement tubes to help stabilize the rib camber profile,
and prevent the rib camber from changing shape under heavy load.  This helps to dampen the glider response to turbulence.
It also promotes better handling, landings, glide and sink rate.   Order Code UPGCRR

The Full Race Freedom for more performance!    The Full Race Freedom includes   (Click links for photos):
• Fast Foil Control Frame • All PX10T Main Sail Body • Streamline Crossbar Fairings
• Aerofoil Speed Bar • PX15 Leading Edge • Carbon-reinforced Sail Ribs
  • VG Sail Control  
Add another 1.5 points to your glide performance and increase your speed range with the Full Race Freedom!
The PX10T Mylar sail, Fast Foil control frame, VG Sail Control and streamline Crossbar Fairings increases performance and reduces drag, and Carbon-reinforced Sail Ribs maintain rib profile across the speed range.  Quick set-up, great handling and performance... test-fly the Freedom!

Folding the Mylar Sail · Click here to view a video demonstrating an efficient method of folding the mylar sail.
Special thanks to Chuck for crafting this informative video of his Freedom 170!

Freedom 190 · Specifications
Double Surface    40%
Area (square feet)  188
Span (feet)    34.8
Aspect Ratio    6.4
Number of Ribs    17 Top
Frame Material    7075
Rib Material    7075
Glider Weight (lbs)    65
* Control Frame (inches)    64.5
Pilot Hook-In Weight (lbs)    200-290
USHPA Rating    2 - 5
Break-down (length in bag)    18' 9"
Freedom 150 · Specifications
Double Surface    40%
Area (square feet)  148
Span (feet)    30.12
Aspect Ratio    6.0
Number of Ribs    15 Top
Frame Material    7075
Rib Material    7075
Glider Weight (lbs)    56
* Control Frame (inches)    60
Pilot Hook-In Weight (lbs)    130-210
USHPA Rating    2 - 5
Break-down (length in bag)    16' 2"
Freedom 170 · Specifications
Double Surface    40%
Area (square feet)  171
Span (feet)    32.6
Aspect Ratio    6.2
Number of Ribs    17 Top
Frame Material    7075
Rib Material    7075
Glider Weight (lbs)    61
* Control Frame (inches)    60
Pilot Hook-In Weight (lbs)    160-240
USHPA Rating    2 - 5
Break-down (length in bag)    17' 6"

* Control Frame height is measured from Keel, straight down to center of base tube

Freedom 220 Tandem   The Freedom 220 Tandem is officially HGMA CERTIFIED as of December 8, 2011

Quick Safe Wheels for BaseTube - for North Wing Hang Gliders
Quick Safe Wheels     Increase safety for your landings
Click here to buy this item at

Snap-together wheels for round basetubes (with or without VG), providing additional safety for your landings. 2 wheels are included with order.

$46.00 - downtubes with No VG
$64.00 - downtubes with VG

Hall Wheels for BaseTube - for North Wing Hang Gliders
Hall Wheels     Increase safety for your landings
Click here to buy this item at

Rugged 5" ABS plastic Wheels for round basetubes, providing additional safety for your landings.  2 wheels are included with order.


North Wing · All-Weather Hang Glider Bag All-Weather Hang Glider Bag

Click here to buy this item at
Be assured of maximum weather-resistant protection for your hang glider with the All Weather Glider Bag from North Wing Sports. Sewn from heavy 6 oz “Sunsation” cloth, providing up to 5-year UV protection. Full-length zipper is protected by a fabric flap that is secured over the entire length by a Velcro seal, ensuring minimal exposure to dust, rain and snow. Includes handle for easy carry.  Click Here to view a photo enlargement.

$285.00  Order Code: HAB11AW
North Wing · Gloves Cross Country Hang Glider Bag

Click here to buy this item at
When you're planning a day of get-high go-far hang gliding, bring along the Cross Country Glider Bag from North Wing Sports. Sewn from strong and lightweight 220 denier Nylon packcloth, the bag has a full-length zipper and handle for easy carry. Enjoy full-glider protection on the long ride home with this glider transport bag.

Click Here to view a photo enlargement.

$210.00  Order Code: HAB12
North Wing Freedom over Jiaozhou Bay at Qingdao, China
Congratulations to Chinese pilot Wang Yong after his fun 40-minute flight with his Red Bull-sponsored, Mosquito NRG-powered, North Wing Freedom hang glider.  He launched off the beach, then flew over Jiaozhou Bay in Qingdao, a coastal city of Shandong province in China.

• Click here to view a very fun video of this flight!
• Click here to read more at China Daily online news.
Wang Yong flying a Mosquito-powered Freedom hang glider • Click here to visit the North Wing - Qingdao, China dealer

Gerardo Mendez Flores WINS on his Freedom 150!
Gerardo Mendez Flores of Mexico has won the Sport Class at the "Hombres Pájaro 2015" hang gliding competition recently held at Santa Elena, Columbia. Gerardo was flying his North Wing Freedom 150 in seven tasks over seven days, flying against a strong range of competition pilots and gliders - view the results and note the gliders he was competing with in this popular Columbian competition.
• Click here to view competition results from this event.
Gerardo Mendez Flores (center) wins the Sport Class Congratulations Gerardo!
Dave Chapman wins in the big air with his Freedom!
Congratulations to Dave Chapman! He put together a nice series of flights to WIN the 2014 King Mountain Meet in Moore, Idaho - and he won the meet flying his North Wing Freedom hang glider! In the photo, Dave is on the left, joined by 3rd-place winner Gary Braun. Paul Allen took 2nd place. Congratulations to Connie Work and her crew for running a safe, fun competition.
• Click here to learn more about hang gliding at King Mountain.
Dave Chapman (left) wins the 2014 King Mountain Meet! Congratulations Dave!
Freedom 190 does well at 2013 Canadian Nationals
The 2013 Canadian National Hang Gliding Championship was recently held at the Mount 7 flying site in Golden, BC.  Flying in a field of competition pilots using topless and advanced double-surface hang gliders, Dave Bacon finished 2nd in Kingpost Class, and 7th overall with the Freedom 190!  Congratulations Dave, great flights!

• Click here to view more information and photos.
• Click here to view results of the 2013 Canadian Nationals
North Wing Freedom pilots finish 1-2-3 at the 2010
Flying in a field of competition pilots using six different single surface glider designs from four major manufacturers, Davis Straub wins the meet followed closely by Ben Dunn (2nd place) and Joe Evens (3rd place) flying Full Race Freedom hang gliders!  Joe is also the current USHPA Sporting Class Champion, won on his Full Race Freedom at the 2009 King Mountain Nationals.
• Click here to view a video of Joe Evens at the airfield
Congratulations to Ben Dunn, Davis Straub, and Joe Evens! Thanks to Joel Froehlich for running a safe and fun event!
Freedom Hang Glider · Mylar Sail Option
Joe Evans wins the 2008 Chelan XC-Classic with the North Wing Freedom

Joe Evans wins with the Freedom at Chelan Classic!
Kamron Blevins congratulates Joe Evens for his 1st-place finish, single-surface class, in the North Wing Freedom at the 2008 Chelan Cross Country Classic.  Joe also won the overall points total in the Kingpost class.  Congratulations Joe!

Consider this: great sink rate, terrific glide, effortless handling and... 8-minute Set-Up time!
Isn't it time to get free?
To fly, the way it was meant to be.

Notes from Freedom pilots...

"My fellow H2 Freedom pilots just love them and find them so easy to fly. We all feel that we will be flying Freedoms from our early days as H2s through to gaining advanced skills. My Freedom 150 has been a true miracle and I wish I had a Freedom 150 from my first flight off the mountain! I can't imagine ever outgrowing this glider. Thank you for making the Freedom 150."   - Cathleen O'Connell     (Click here to see a nice photo of Cathleen's Freedom 150 "Soarabella")

...former USHPA President and Regional Director Randy Leggett sends a note to his dealer, Greg Black at Mountain Wings
"Hey Greg, Just got my second flight on my new Freedom. I flew with the Water Gap old guard on a variety of gliders: Falcon3 195, (2)Litespeeds, Sensor 610f topless and me on my new decked out Freedom 170vg. We flew Kirks yesterday (Wed Nov 9th) in solid SE@10mph with light ridgelift to 400 over and occasional thermals to 1000 over. I got just almost 2.5 hours and flew a 12 mile out and return to the Water Gap and back. The newer LiteSpeed and the Freedom were the only gliders to make the trip to the Gap. In smooth (no thermals) I was 50 -100 feet below the newer litespeed and slippery harness, at or slightly above the older litespeed and draggy harness and above the (slightly) the Sensor and way over the falcon 3 195. My glide and sink rate (up to 28mph aprox) seemed to be as good or better than my topless Java (first gen topless). In the past I have never able to get close to the litespeeds or the 610 in any of my topless gliders. I think in lite conditions the 170sqs gives me a real advantage over the 145/155 gliders. I know that above 28-30 the topless gliders will blow my glide away but in the speed range that I fly in.... 18-28mph that I am right there with the best of them on a glider that is so confidence inspiring that the flight is all FUN with zero anxiety!  To sum it up.... this is the sweetest flying glider I have ever flown. The overall workmanship and attention to detail is fantastic. Great perfomance and a blast to fly. Thanks for everything,  PS: Thanks again for the great service that Mt Wings provided during the year+ it took me to make my decision."   - D. Randy Leggett

"My fellow H2 Freedom pilots Hi guys! I just bought a Freedom 170 race from Curt Warren here in Australia. Wow! I'm back into the sport after 13 years away, and was an advanced (H5?) pilot with 200 hours when I left in 1998. I used to fly a high performance wing - full double surface, VG, the lot. But I gotta tell you - the Freedom is the best glider I have ever flown. Period. It performs - dare I say - as well as my old hy-per wing, and handles like a dream. I don't think I'll ever fly anything else. I also flew a mate's 190 (links to the youtube clips below). Again, friggin' awesome! So thanks for designing and building a rig that has me safely enjoying hang gliding again in the roughest air Australia can throw up.  By the way, the Freedom 190 in the following clips is owned by Big Al (CavMan77). The nicest bloke you'll ever meet. ·  Cheers "   - Mark Sullivan

"I decided to try one of Kamron's Freedom 170.  I got a flight a couple years ago in Chelan, and really liked it and was amazed at the performance.  I have had a few nice flights on it now, so thought I would give my opinion.  The sail work is great and the hardware is simple but very strong.  The sink rate seems very good, and since that first flight it has proven itself even more.  It turns circles very easy with very little roll effort, and is easy to keep in a nice bank.  The glides seems amazing for a single surface and has light bar pressure.  The glider feels very stable and turns on a dime.  Of course launch and landing are very easy but again the glide seems much more than a Falcon, so you need to adjust for landing.  I let the glider slow down then a nice abrupt flare for a no-step landing.  Very happy with this little single surface and look forward to taking it up the lake and maybe to Spokane.  Thanks Kamron, you hit this one perfect!" - Larry Jorgensen
(Editor's note: Larry is the current Washington State foot-launched Distance Record holder)

"Just like to thank you personally for producing such a special glider (Freedom 170 race).  This glider is definitely the sweetest glider that I have had the pleasure to fly in more than 15 years of hangliding!!  The glide is awesome and the handling is super sweet.  Just cracked off a 110km flight recently in the alpine region around Bright, N.E Victoria.  Mostly cross wind & head wind varying with altitude from 8 to 16mph.  That's no mean feat in an open cross bar glider.  It was an extremely difficult start to the day, having to struggle down low for nearly 2 hours and nearly decking it twice before finally getting a ride at 1300fpm on the averager, to cloudbase.  Flew crosswind 35km, headwind 40km & returned tailwind 35km.
A magic flight that took 6.5hrs, but I still wasn't completely exhausted after that duration thanks to the beautiful handling of the Freedom 170 race.  Many pilots that I know are very interested in the glider as it's performance is obviously way above traditional open crossbar gliders.  Once again, thanks very much for designing a brilliant glider. I am very much enjoying flying the Freedom 170 and seeing how far I can go with it.  I love my Freedom - The best of both worlds."
- Kevin Grosser · Melbourne, Australia     (Click here to see a nice photo of Kevin's Freedom flying over Australia)

"Thank you Kamron.  I am more than just "pleased" with my Freedom...  I am absolutely beside myself!  You did a FANTASTIC job putting my Freedom together!  I had the opportunity to play with it on the training hill a little while I was at Randy's and I have to say, it is like launching on rails!  Smooth as glass!  It is without a doubt, the smoothest hang glider I have ever flown.  I am more than eager to get it in the air at our local site!  I simply cannot thank you enough!  North Wing is my brand, PERIOD!  I will definitely be purchasing the Fast Foil control frame and in the very near future.
Thanks again Kamron!"   - Jo McKenna · British Columbia

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